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Author: Victor Halstrøm
Title: Ringing the Bell of Freedom
Publisher: Books on Demand
ISBN/ISSN: 9788743038863
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 8.90
Publication date: 01/01/2022
Category: Contemporary literature (from 1945)
Language: English
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Pages: 242
Copy protection: Wasserzeichen
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Formate: ePUB
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From the book:"Okay, let's do it" she said and tried to sound brave although I could tell by her shaking voice that she was scared by the thought. She somehow found resources inside her to be brave. It happened so quickly in her heart and mind that I got the idea that she had done this several times before. Panic was washed away from her face and her eyes glowed soothingly, so I hardly could imagine the fear that had been torturing her soul just seconds earlier. An airplane crashes into the jungle carrying two people, the American man, Shen Mi Ren, and the Chinese woman, Nian Ye. They both survive the accident and find themselves among snakes, bats, crocodiles, and other enemies of the environment. They share the same goal as they both want to get back to civili-zation. And they both suffer from amnesia. But that is all they have in common. They must work together, but can they trust each other when only the jungle law rules? The story origins from a book which my friend Captain Fleet has found in the desert. He claims that the book itself has written the story. Is that even possible?

Master of Theology Victor Halstrom (born 1990) is a Danish writer of novels. Besides writing he studies to become a teacher in literature. He has in 1999 won a school prize in poetry.
Table of contents

Day One

I saw green and blue colors blur together in a spiral going down incredibly fast. Where the blue area had been the green soon emerged. It was impossible to distinguish the two colors as they rapidly changed places, vanished in each other’s light, and disappeared into the opposite. I tried to keep a focus on the blue, trying to reach it with all my might but the green became bigger as the blue got gradually smaller. There was a heavenly salvation in the blue, a feeling of making it despite the odds, and a hell-like fear within the green. I knew somehow that the green color was evil and wanted to kill me. As the green swallowed me, I feared I would never live another day.

When I regained conscious, I saw a two-seater airplane halfway up in jungle trees with broken wings and fire burning from its engine. Flames tried to reach the tall trees and almost did so in success. I knew the small aircraft would explode and as an instinct I ran into the jungle, further and further into the wilderness. The trees stood close together, and I had to force my body into exotic plants, some could have been poisonous to touch, but I did not care. I only thought of the burning airplane and how far I could get away from it before the explosion.

I stopped collapsing on the ground where I landed in soft mud. I could no longer see the airplane, nor did I know where to find it. I had been running in spirals to find the best and fastest way to sprint.

I looked at myself for the first time. I was in a white shirt covered in mud and with big holes. My naked arms were torn to blood, as were my legs. I wore fine black pants with a leather belt that would go well with a blazer. Most of my pants’ legs were slashed like a knife had been cutting randomly. I wore shiny shoes that were uncomfortable to run in, but I did not want to walk around barefooted when I released myself from the soft, cooling mud. It had felt good to lie in the dirt as if it took away my worries and fears, but I knew I could not rest forever.

I touched my face with muddy hands, but I did not remember it. My nose was small and pointing, but that was not how I pictured it. My cheeks were thin, and I could barely feel any stubble. My hair was short on the sides and longer in the middle. I did not see myself this way. For a matter of fact, I did not view myself in any way. I had completely forgot everything about myself from before the airplane accident. I had crashed with the airplane, who else could it have been?

“Hello, sir, wait up” a female voice cried from behind me.

I got up on my feet while gazing at the bizarre plants and trees surrounding me and blocking my vie

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