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Author: Eric Lassard
Title: Summer Night Longing A Gay Senior Story
Publisher: Books on Demand
ISBN/ISSN: 9783753475134
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 7.40
Publication date: 01/01/2021
Category: Contemporary literature (from 1945)
Language: English
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Pages: 382
Copy protection: Wasserzeichen
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Formate: ePUB
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With his age of 68, Erich thought he lacked nothing in life. However, this summer, when he discovers a different side of himself, he comes into conflict with oneself. In order to address the questions arising from this conflict, he is forced to question and rediscover his entire self. When a young man repeatedly crosses his path, his intellectual world goes topsy-turvy. Can a younger man be interested in an older man, or was he just imagining things? A longing arises, taking more and more posession of him.

When Eric Lassard fell in love for the first time at the age of 17, this feeling, which was new to him, hit a 60-year-old heterosexual man. Not only that he was gay, but also that he had fallen in love with a man so many years older, upset his world. Step by step, he discovered a hidden world within the gay community where younger men had an equal fondness for older men. This world with older men and all who like this is now easier to find. Still, stereotypes predominate the gay media when it comes to younger and older men; the man next door is not depicted. Gay novels and erotic literature are mostly about young men, well trained of course and following beauty ideals. Eric Lassard tells of men from the age of sixty, graying in honor, who are dacor with their age, appearance and nature and enjoy their sexuality. For anyone who discovers the small details of age and appreciates these aesthetics. For anyone for whom intimacy with an older man is a pleasure.
Table of contents


After 20 minutes he arrived at the Aquaquelle city pool. The parking lots were well attended, but he had no problems finding a parking space. 10€ for the sauna entrance, the use of the swimming pool was included. When he went through the turnstile, Erich already noticed the smell of chlorine in the pool. He went through the door with the heading"Sauna locker room" and stood in a bright changing room with many lockers and wide wooden benches. He took one of the lockers immediately to his left, they were open. They could only be closed with a one-euro coin, luckily there was still one in his wallet. The cash machine in the foyer would certainly not have been able to change. First unpacked the bag: bathrobe, sauna towel, towels to dry off, shower gel, a small bottle of water as well as fruits and the cake. The bath slippers immediately landed on the floor, followed by the shoes and socks. Erich began to sweat, it was already quite warm in the locker room, he quickly took off his sweater and undershirt and hung them in the closet. Sitting on the large wooden bench, he continued with his pants, at the same time the door opened and another gentleman, he must be in his early 60s, entered the sauna locker room.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning," Erich replied.

"Well, relaxing a bit in the warmth too in this lousy weather outside?"

"Yes I want to give it a try, am still a beginner though. I've never been in a sauna before, but I figured it's supposed to be healthy, just give it a try."

"Yes, everyone starts out doing it. But you are familiar with the procedures? There are big signs posted with instructions on how to take a sauna properly, just in case you need some advice."

"Thank you, that's very kind. I think I'll find my way around."

The man seemed routine, for he walked purposefully to a certain locker, undressed, and was already almost naked, while Erich had just taken off his pants. The man was wearing plaid boxer shorts, was a bit slimmer and barely hairy. Looking out of the corner of his eye, the man pulled down the boxer shorts, revealing his completely shaved private parts. The sack was tight and very pronounced, but the cock itself was so small that only an exposed glans could be seen.Apparently one would have to look for it if there was any hair around it..., it went through Erich's head.

He stood up and pulled down his black underpants with the blue side stripes and hung them in the closet.

"Then I wish you a pleasant relaxation!", the man called out to him while walking towards the sauna area.

"Thank you! Didn't you forget your bathrobe?"

"Oh yes, thank you, I almost left it hanging here. Wouldn't matter, basically I just use it to store my stuff while it's hanging somewhere."

"But how do you dress then?"

"With a towel if necessary, but basically everyone here is always naked."

He hadn't expected that. He imagined that people always wore a bathrobe when they weren't sitting in the sauna, but walking around naked all the time seemed strange to him. Of course, once he went swimming, he took a shower afterwards. He stood with his stomach against the wall, took off his bathing suit, and washed briskly. Then he put the trunks back on and went into the locker room to change. He didn't know any other way. Was he also secretly embarrassed since his cock looked very small to him when he was not aroused.Once is always the first time, he thought to himself, put on the bathrobe, took the towels and shower gel and went to the door with the heading"Sauna area".


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