Data protection

Don't worry!
    The Onlinebuchhandlung Regula Seiler takes data protection very seriously. That is why we naturally comply with the legal provisions on data protection, and we assure you that your data will not be passed on to external companies which are neither acting on behalf of the Onlinebuchhandlung Regula Seiler nor directly involved with executing the contract. It is just as important for us that you know exactly what we do with your data, so please read the following information carefully.
Why do we record your data in the first place?
    We record your data so that we can offer you the best possible service with regard to ordering, delivery and payment methods. It is necessary to protect ourselves and you against fraudulent use to enable us to offer you the largest possible choice of payment methods. To do this, we use your data to check your credit rating. We do not not misuse your data for advertising purposes. If you would like to receive our newsletter, you have to explicitly register for this. You can do this in the ?my account? section.
What data is recorded?
    In principle, you can use our website without having your data recorded, provided you do not intend to place an order. In such cases, standard information - such as your IP address, time and pages accessed - are recorded. This data is recorded solely for the purpose of internal statistics and the continuous improvement of the website. When you place an order, all standard data such as name, address, e-mail, etc. and the information on each respective order is stored. This information is protected by a login of your choice and can be viewed and changed in your customer profile. The Onlinebuchhandlung Regula Seiler itself does not store any data during credit card transactions. You provide this data directly to our service partner, Six Multipay AG, where it is subsequently validated.
Can I delete my data?
    You can demand at any time that we delete your data. All you need to do is send us an e-mail. However, we cannot delete any data that the accounts department is obliged to keep due to legal regulations.
Do we set cookies?
    No. The Onlinebuchhandlung Regula Seiler deliberately refrains from setting cookies. This means that you have to log-in again every time you visit our website. If you stay on our website, you remain logged-in until you leave the protected customer area. (This happens when you click ?Home?)
How do I give my consent?
    By using this website, you automatically consent to having your data collected and used as described above.
How is your data protected?
    All sensitive data is rendered unreadable for third parties by means of SSL-encryption (Secure Sockets Layer). As we do not personally store any information on credit cards or other methods of payment, you can rest assured that this data will not go astray. Six Multipay AG, our tested partner for credit card transactions, uses 3D-Secure technology: You are required to confirm credit card payment with your PIN. This procedure is therefore identical with paying at a terminal in a normal shop and offers the highest level of security possible.

    We advise you to choose a password for your login, that is not used by you anywhere else. The less this password has to do with your life and other logins, the safer you are. Generally, however, there is no risk of fraudulent use as long as you do not entrust your login data to anyone else.
What data is passed on?
    We only pass on data that is absolutely necessary for processing your order and for payment and delivery purposes. Basically this means that we pass on your invoice amount, your order number and your customer number to our partner, Six Multipay AG, in order to enable payment. We also give them your address to make it easier for you to fill out the form. This all takes place in an https-secured environment. The Onlinebuchhandlung Regula Seiler does not work with Google Analytics. It is important to us that no third parties are able to gather any information about your purchase behaviour.
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